Streaming Content From Your Chrome Browser To Your Tv With Google Chromecast

Streaming Content From Your Chrome Browser To Your Tv With Google Chromecast

Chromecast apps

By using Chromecast, you can readily enjoy all your favorite movies and TV shows from YouTube, Netflix, Google Play and Chrome in your TV in high definition. Due to the updates made on Chromecast, it can work with several apps while at the same time allowing you to use the latest version.

Aside from allowing you to stream from Netflix, Google Play and YouTube, you can even use your Chrome browser to stream the videos that you want to watch. If you want to cast from your Chrome browser, it is important to install the Google Cast Extension on your browser first.

Google Chrome Browser

If you want to cast videos from your Chrome browser, make sure that you are using the latest Chrome version. If you do not have Chrome yet, simply download it first. If Chrome is the browser you are using in your computer, it will update automatically, thus you do not have to take any action. In case you already set up your Chromecast utilizing the setup application in your computer, the Cast extension might be installed already and this can be determined by a Cast icon present in your Chrome toolbar.  If you are going to cast a Chrome tab to your Chromecast in order to watch a video on your TV, make sure that both your computer and network are capable of supporting the minimum system requirements.

Google Chrome Cast extension

Once you are ready to use Chromecast with your Chrome browser, you can easily start casting a tab. There are certain considerations to bear in mind. Initially, make sure that you are on the Chrome tab that you want to project to your TV. You have to click on the Cast button that is found in your Chrome toolbar of your browser. You will be presented with a list of available Chromecast devices and choose any device to cast the present Chrome tab. In just a short while, the current Chrome tab will appear in your TV.

The Cast icon tends to change color which indicates that it is currently active. In case your Chromecast is being used where it is playing a YouTube video, you will know what your Chromecast is doing once you open the menu. If you want to end the current activity, simply click on the “Cast this Tab” button. In doing so, you will not accidentally choose the wrong device and disrupt the viewing of another family member.

Google Cast

Majority of web content can be readily cast but websites that utilize plug-ins such as QuickTime, Silverlight and VLC are not supported, thus resulting to lack of sound or picture. When you are casting via your Chrome browser, both the images and videos for the tab being cast are presented in your computer and TV. Nevertheless, the sound from the chosen tab can only play in your TV. The sounds from other tabs and applications will continue to play in your computer though. You have the option to switch to other tabs or applications while you are casting. This is even possible in full-screen mode utilizing the Alt-Tab shortcut.

Google Cast

It is a known fact that Chromecast works well when streaming YouTube and Netflix videos directly online with either your tablet or phone as the remote control. If you are going to use the Google Cast Chrome extension to mirror the browser tabs, it might not be similar in quality. All of this depends on the strength of your Wi-Fi network and the capability of your computer. You can easily solve this resource issue by lowering the video quality of the stream. You can choose the standard quality (480p) but it will not appear sharp in your TV but can provide a decent viewing quality. Lastly, when using your Chrome browser to watch videos in your TV, you should keep the videos running in full screen all the time or it will not appear in full screen on your TV. As mentioned earlier, simply press Alt Tab shortcut while the video is playing in full screen. In doing so, you are now outside of the video window.

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How To Use Your Iphone Or Ipad As A Streaming Device To Your Tv

Have an Iphone or Ipad? Use Your Iphone Or Ipad As A Streaming Device To Your Tv

Streaming Device to your tv

When the time comes once smart TVs can provide better features and set-top boxes are capable of handling problems, the best way to get your media on your TV is by directly connecting it to your phone or tablet. If you have an iPhone or iPad, both can be used as streaming devices to your TV.

Av composite video to tv-rca cable usb for Apple Ipad & iphone

Just bear in mind that it is not suitable for all cases, but if you want to enjoy online video streaming or simply watch photos or home videos in your TV, there are several options that you can use. These options usually depend on how new or old your device is, video quality you are after and how much you are willing to spend. Before you will buy cables or connections such as the composite video to TV RCA AV cable or the 1080p 30 Pin Dock Male to HDMI Male Adapter Cable that are compatible with either your iPhone or iPad, it is important to know what your available options are.

If you will use a digital A/V adapter, it is considered as an affordable and portable solution. With the Digital A/V Adapter by Apple, it will allow you to stream media straight to your TV for better viewing. Just take note that one end is simply plugged into your Apple device while the other end is connected to the HDMI cable and into your TV. It will make viewing of streamed videos and movies a lot better since you can enjoy the large screen of your TV.

There are two available versions of the A/V adapter – one version is ideal for Lightning devices and one version is for the older devices utilizing the 30-pin dock connector. Both versions are essentially the same, but there are slight differences when it comes to the video quality. Once plugged in, the Lightning adapter which is compatible for iPad Mini, iPhone 5 and iPad (4th gen) will mirror or sync everything present on the screen of the device. In most cases, it will provide an exact reflection, but you will notice that one of the apps might be tweaked in order to work differently with the mirroring. A good example is Netflix which showcases a logo on your TV while you are browsing their catalog on your Apple device. Once a TV show or movie is selected, it will be synced or mirrored on your TV.

Just bear in mind though that in one testing conducted, it was discovered that the Lightning A/V adapter does not authentically output a fresh HDMI signal. As a substitute, the chips within the adapter compress the video signal before it is sent to your TV. Even though videos will look good, it is not truly 1080p. For the older Apple devices, it is best to use the 1080p 30-Pin Dock Male to HDMI Male Adapter Cable for iPhone, iPad and iTouch. Even though users of iPhone 4S and iPad can mirror or sync their screen similarly to the Lightning adapter, users of older Apple devices can only utilize the adapter to watch onboard videos, slideshows and compatible video apps. It is still useful but does not allow provide you with a video-out feature.

Another way to stream media from your Apple devices to your TV is through composite cables such as the Composite Video to TV RCA AV Cable USB Charger compatible for iPhone and iPad. With this cable, it will not provide you with the mirroring feature but will simply route video-enabled photos, music and apps to older TV models. Take note that it is readily compatible with almost any device that utilizes the old dock connector. The only drawback is that you will not be provided with high definition resolution that maxes out at 480i.

If you are using an iPhone or iPad, you can use both as streaming devices on your TV. With the available options provided, you can enjoy by streaming videos or simply watching photos on the big screen.

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Chromecast vs. Roku – Which one should I buy? Chromecast or Roku

Chromecast vs. Roku


Chromecast vs Roku

When it comes to easy and affordable TV streaming, the best option is Chromecast. At the price of $35, it can allow you to stream videos from Netflix, YouTube, and Google Play as well as from Chrome and straight in your TV. It is definitely a must-have device for consumers out there who want to make entertainment as convenient as possible.

In the highly competitive market, Chromecast is rivaled by another similar device – Roku. If you are planning to make streaming part of your life, it is best to take a close look on the differences between the two so that you can decide which one is suitable for your needs. (Read the review of thousands of Chromecast users here)

With Chromecast, it is simple to use. All you have to do is to plug the device on your TV and access Chromecast through your Wi-Fi network. Take note that all the videos stored in the Google’s Chromecast cloud and streamed over the Internet. It simply means that you can easily watch your favorite movie or TV show and control it with any of your Wi-Fi enable devices such as your tablet, mobile phone or laptop. You even have the option to switch between different remotes without interfering with your viewing. Chromecast currently supports Netflix, YouTube, Google Play and Chrome. It is expected that more will be added in future updates. When it comes to mirroring, you can only sync or mirror what is present in your computer screen. This is possible as long as the Google Cast Chrome extension is installed in your Chrome browser. You can easily purchase Chromecast online at Amazon or in the Google Play Store. The device is compatible to iOS, Android, Mac OS X, Chrome OS and Windows.

Even though Chromecast has been the preferred choice by many consumers when it comes to streaming, Roku raised the competition to a higher level by releasing its own line of improved TV-streaming devices. We will now take a look at the Roku devices which are built with features that can provide improved video quality, better audio options and software changes that addresses the big problem with Chromecast – its incapacity to handle local streaming using mobile devices.

In terms of the hardware updates, Roku is fairly candid in its approach even though there are no changes on its retail prices. The Roku 1 is offered at the price of $60 with 1080p video quality. As for Roku 2, it is available at the price of $80 and includes improved dual-band Wi-Fi and radio frequency remote control with an integrated headphone jack. ( Read the review of Roku users here)

On the software aspect, the Roku devices offer a new interface that allows premium placement to the fresh streaming service M-Go. With M-Go, it basically sells and rents TV shows and movies that are streamed to the viewers. Understandably, Roku handles the billing for M-Go. Roku also improved its Android and iOS apps by upgrading them so that users can send local video from their mobile devices to their Roku boxes. This feature provides Roku a step ahead of Chromecast. This is due to the fact that Chromecast is not capable of sending any kind of local media files from mobile devices to the connected TVs.

It is time to compare Chromecast and Roku on certain aspects. On the price, Chromecast is definitely the winner at the price of $35. The cheapest of the Roku devices is still $15 higher than the Google Chromecast. When it comes to YouTube streaming, Chromecast is considered the best. As for Roku, there is still no easy way to stream YouTube videos (Only if you own Roku 3). One aspect that makes Roku stand out is it allows you to stream your own local media. All you have to do is to sign up for the cloud-based media server Plex so that you can easily stream from your computer or mobile device to Roku. Lastly, when it comes to third-party apps, Roku allows them while none will work on Chromecast, except for Netflix. At the present, several companies are eager to develop apps for Chromecast, but none are supported yet. As for Roku, its Channel Store is packed with great selections such as Hulu, Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Instant and many more.

Read the reviews of thousands of people about the Roku 3 and Chromecast on Amazon. Click Here to read it.

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Chromecast Streaming Tv – Google Chromecast

Chromecast Streaming Tv – Google Chromecast


If you love streaming videos online, you will surely appreciate the features offered by the latest Chromecast. As an introduction, the Google Chromecast is basically a streaming dongle that you can easily plug into the HDMI port of your TV. This device is readily available at the price of $35 which many consumers find affordable. By using the device, you can easily stream online videos from Netflix, YouTube, and Google Play as well as from your Chrome browser into your TV just like a remote control. It no longer requires any kind of separate app store or user interface in your TV anymore. It makes video streaming convenient since everything is controlled from your mobile device or PC.

Always remember that your phone will not stream videos directly to your Chromecast dongle, but simply giving instructions regarding the videos to be streamed from the cloud. The functionality of your phone is not affected in any way and you can turn it off the moment the streaming starts. The remote control function will only work on sites and apps that support Chromecast. Additionally, you also have the option to stream web content in a direct manner from the Chrome browser as long as the Chrome extension has been installed.

What others are saying about  Chromecast? Click here to read the reviews of thousands of users on Amazon

Setting up your Chromecast


Once you have your Chromecast dongle, simply plug it into your TV and connect it to a power source and start up the app on your mobile device or computer. You have to enter the password of the Wi-Fi network in your home and you can start streaming videos you want to watch.

Netflix viewing

When it comes to Netflix viewing, Chromecast is a great device. You can easily keep track on the progress of the video on your mobile device while it is being played on the TV. You can even switch from one device to another, making it very convenient to use.


If you love to watch videos on YouTube, Chromecast will even make it easier. The streaming of videos worked well. The setup works a lot better if compared to YouTube’s TV app on other connected devices. There are certain aspects that would need improvement though. Primarily, the streaming of videos to Chromecast from your computer is allowed only if you are on the YouTube website. It will not work if the video you want to stream is embedded in any of the third-party websites. It simply means that if you are currently in another website, you are required to go to in order to watch the video on your TV.

Chromecast apps

Streaming through Chrome

Chromecast also offers the capability to stream a tab from the Chrome browser in your computer directly to your TV. This is quite similar when sharing a screen during a teleconference, simply showing that the browser can capture everything in a new video. This is considered heavy on the resources and can result to performance warnings during the streaming of videos.

What makes Chromecast effective?

During the initial launch of Chromecast, it is true that its success in the market is due to the use of the HDMI-CEC standard. By using Chromecast, it has the capability to automatically turn on TVs that are capable of supporting HDMI-CEC as well as even alter the HDMI input by switching from live TV to any video that you have chosen on your mobile device or PC. The HDMI-CEC can work well even in TVs that are low-end models and without any smart TV apps included. Depending on the brand of the TV you are using, you might have to configure certain features first. Do not forget that turning on the TV will not work if you will plug the Chromecast into the USB port of your TV. This is why it is recommended to utilize the extra power adapter included in the package of your device.

If you love to stream videos, Chromecast will surely become your best friend. It will make watching YouTube, Netflix and HBO Go a lot easier and faster.  Read the review from thousands of users on Amazon. Click here to read the reviews

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Roku 3 vs NeoTV PRIME with Neo TV Prime with Google TV

Roku 3 vs NeoTV Prime


Roku 3 with Headphones neotv prime with google tv


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To read the 350+ user reviews of the Roku 3: Click Here

Today’s modern lifestyle offers a lot of gadgets ranging from computers, to phones, to tablets and more. But despite the numerous options that we have, we always end up going back to the old big box called television. And because of this, streaming boxes are now becoming more popular.

One of the must-have components in a modern home nowadays is a streaming box. With the help of this device, you will be able to do a lot of things with your TV including watch internet TV. There are a lot of reasons why you should stream out but what do you think makes a good stream box? Out of all the products in the market, what do you think is the best? Let’s compare and decide.

Roku 3

The Roku 3: With its compact and slick design, the Roku 3 boasts a more improved interface for searching. With up to 1080p HD video, it also offers a wide range of channels to choose from, a USB media that will allow you to playback your own files, photos and media from other mobile devices.

It’s amazing remote with abuilt-in headphone jack allows you to crank up a late night flick without worrying if you will bother anyone or not. There is a guaranteed increase in speed because of its dual-band wireless performance and extended range. It’s one stop search, helping you find your favorite TV shows, movies and music all in one place (from services like Amazon Instant Video, Netflix or Hulu Plus). It also comes with free Android device app and iOS, so all you need to do is connect your phone or tablet and start streaming.

However, this device does not support YouTube Google Play, and there is still a limitation to its gaming selections. There is also a downside since it cannot stream videos from mobile yet. With its enhanced interface, private listening and enormous content and channel selection, the Roku 3 is considered as one of the most compelling media streaming device offered in the market today.

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NeoTV Prime

The NeoTV Prime with Google TV: This new offering from NETGEAR is a NeoTV streaming box that is Google Play compatible. This latest product is the same as the earlier product that was launched before it but even better. That’s because it already has the ability to run Google Play apps.

By using this device, you can access a wide selection of entertainment including TV shows, music, movies and more from streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Instant Video, Flixter, Crackle, Pandora, Rhapsody and more.

Aside from that, the new NeoTV Prime allows playback of local media connected from storage devices like USB, external hard drives and other home media servers. It also comes with the full feature of Flash, Google Chrome browser and HTML5, so it’s easier and faster for you to access the web. It also has a search function enabling the user to simultaneously search for numerous sources for digital content, and since it comes with a picture-in-picture feature, it’s easy to surf the web while at the same time, watch TV live.

You will find a lot of streaming boxes available in the market today however, these two products standout among the rest. Take this opportunity so that you can explore the full capabilities that technology has to offer with this newest and most exhilarating gadget. So what are you waiting for? Choose the best streaming box for you so that you can transform any TV into a smart TV. It’s about time for you to cut off your cable TV cost with no plans of going back.

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Roku 3 vs NeoTV Max > Comparison Review Between NeoTV Max vs Roku 3

Roku 3 vs. Neo TV Max


Roku 3 with Headphones  NeoTV Max


With the numerous downloadable video and streaming options available through the Internet nowadays, more and more people are no longer contented with just regular iPod or computer screens. It seems like nothing can compare to a big and wide HD screen mounted on your wall.

In order to meet the demands of the market, a lot of manufacturers have been producing these types of devices. Google just recently joined the game, with a very good publicity on top of that. Other companies like Apple, Neo and Roku however have been producing HD TVs for years now.

Currently, two of the top choices for consumers would be the Roku 3 and the Neo TV Max. Let’s take a closer look at these products in order to determine which one is the best fit for you.

The Roku 3

Roku 3 with Headphones

The Roku3 is the newest addition to their set top box line. It offers 1080p streaming and an access to more than 750 channels. It already comes with a headphone jack that is already built-in the remote giving you the opportunity to listen to music or watch videos privately.

This new device comes with an excellent interface and a very fast processor hence who ever uses it feels that it’s more responsive and quicker compared to other streaming boxes in the market. The 750 channels that it supports include Amazon Instant, Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Go, MLB.TV, Pandora, Vudu and Amazon Cloud Player. Its cross-platform search gives you the opportunity to scour for several other channels offered by major TVs.

Perhaps the only downside of this device is the fact that it does not comes with its own YouTube channel. If you compared it to other streaming boxes, some services offered by Roku have outdated interface. If you are planning on streaming your own collection of digital media, the Roku 3 is not really a very good option.

Regardless the obvious disadvantage or two, it is still considered as the best streaming box as of writing. It boasts a lightning-fast performance, tons of content sources, and an innovative remote with of course, its built-in headphone jack.

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 NeoTV Max

After the market experienced the solid function, distinction and value of the previous generation of NETGEAR NeoTV NTV200, consumers are genuinely excited to see what the NeoTV Max NTV300SL can offer.

This new NeoTV is perfect for streaming TV shows, thousands of songs or movies from channels like Vudu, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Pandora, Best Buy Cinema Now, Rhapsody and many more. It features a 1080p HD and boasts a 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound.

With the help of its QWERTY keyboard remote control, you can play your own personal media from other external sources like USB, external hard drives and DLNA media servers. It also supports WiDi technology, allowing you to stream pictures, music and video from another WiDi capable device well, wirelessly.

The disadvantage of this product compare to other streaming boxes is that it is a little cumbersome when you are inputting movie names. It does not take minutes though, just a few seconds. Also, it has limited number of free subscriptions or apps. If you compare it to the Roku 3, the Roku definitely offers way more subscription contracts.

The NeoTV Max definitely has a lot of competition to face but due to its new Slingplayer app, it is slightly on the edge. In most cases, it is even more affordable compared to the devices offered by competing companies.

To read the 140+ user reviews on Amazon for the NeoTV: Click here to visit page

In the End

So how do you choose between the roku 3 vs NeoTV? Now that you can see the different areas of each product, it is now completely up to you. In the end, the device that is right for you will always depend on which category you put the most weight on.

To read the 140+ user reviews on Amazon for the NeoTV: Click here to visit page

To read the 350+ user reviews on Amazon for the Roku 3: Click here to visit page

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Roku 3 – Your Friendly and Responsive Device

Roku 3 

Roku 3 with Headphones

The Good

It is a very responsive device. It supports a lot of streaming channels which includes Netflix, Amazon Cloud Player and Hulu. Its remote control has been upgraded and designed to help you enjoy whatever you are watching on your own. The remote control has head phone jacks that are great for quiet entertainment.

The Limitations

It supports hundreds of channels however it still does not support YouTube. If you are looking into streaming YouTube videos of you or other people, you will surely get a difficult time because there is no official report that the service has been supported.


One of the good things about Roku 3 is its design. It is smaller but still looks good and compact. It is more stylish because of its glossy finish. It is rounded on its edges which make it appear more sophisticated. Although small in size, the device is a lot heavier than the other models. This is better not only in making sure that the quality is good but also in avoiding the device from falling from surfaces too quickly. In addition, there is a rubber underside which will keep the device from slipping.


roku 3 remote

The remote is innovative. It comes with a headphone jack which will enable the private listening mode. You can enjoy what you are doing and what you are listening without disturbing other people. Once the headphones are plugged, your TV will be silent and all the sound will come out from the headphones. The remote also has wireless capability which is also known as the Wi-Fi Direct. This works more efficiently than Bluetooth or Infrared because you can use the remote even if you are not in the same room with the box. You can use it even if you are inside your room. The appearance of the remote is still simple therefore it is still very simple to use. If you do not want to use the remote or if you want to control the box and TV without using the remote control, you can download the app and install it in your smartphone. If you are an Android user, you can go to Google Play. If you are an iPhone user, you can go to the Apple market.


Basically, you can watch anything you want using the Roku 3 because it is by far the best streaming box with the widest range of channels. However, it is a fact that it still does not support YouTube. In addition, because it is not an Apple product, it is obvious that you will not be able to access iTunes with it. For movies, you can visit channels such as Netflix, HBO Go and Disney. For sports videos, you can visit channels such as UFCTV and MLB.TV. For music streaming, you can try Spotify, Vevo and Pandora. If you like browsing the internet, you can visit sites such as CNET and TED Talks. You can even visit your SNS accounts such as Twitter and Flickr.


The interface of Roku 3 has greatly improved compared with the earlier models. Navigation has become simpler and faster. You can search whatever you want to find out on the side by typing the title of the video, the director, the actor’s name and other information. It is easy to understand the interface because it is and has always been straightforward.

Overall Verdict

Roku 3 is a lot speedier and efficient than the previous models released by the company. It has greatly improved in terms of interface and performance. It supports USB storage devices and headphones. It is surely a great device to consider.

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NeoTV MAX > Review | Netgear NeoTV Max Streaming Player


NeoTV Max

Streaming boxes are one of the best things that have happened in the world of streaming. They enable users to watch movies and TV shows with a few clicks. With these devices, you can watch thousands of movies on your TV while it’s connected to the internet. One of the most recent releases is the NeoTV Max. What can you expect from it?

NeoTV Max is a product of Netgear, a leading company when it comes to wireless devices and routers. It has produced this product to help people watch movies without relying on cables. It is a lot cheaper and efficient. Here are some of the features that you need to expect and you can enjoy with this device.

One of the best features is the media playback using storage devices. Now, you can watch movies with your flash drives. If you have interesting ones you grabbed from your friends, it will be easier for you to connect your USB storage device with the box. There’s also a remote control which has efficient keyboard. This will make navigating and browsing a lot faster and efficient than traditional keys. You will also not have any compatibility issue because this device was designed to be used with any type of television. The quality will not waver even if you are watching via streaming sites. In fact, you can have a video of 1080p resolution. That’s a very good one especially if you want to have a theatre-like experience. Set up is not difficult. The on-screen setup guide will help you follow the steps easily. As for the internet connection, you can choose between the Ethernet port and the wireless capability of the device. You can directly connect your TV using the internet port but if you do not like cables, you can just enjoy the wireless option.


The price is very competitive. It is relatively cheaper and you can get more for just a little over 40 bucks. There are a lot of added features that you cannot get from the previous models or other brands. It now enables you to watch with your USB storage device which makes things a lot easier and convenient. With the same price, you can also get good warranty agreement.

What’s Great About NeoTV Max

It is cheap and efficient. It is a great choice if you do not want to spend so much on a streaming media box. It is a great alternative to the more expensive ones available in the market. It has added and improved features that you will not see in others. The device has a user set-up guide which allows you to install and use it in an instant. It comes with a Slingplayer app that enables you to connect your Slingbox.

What’s Not-so-great About NeoTV Max

There are things that you may not actually like at once when it comes to this device. The user interface is not as good and usable. It might be difficult to navigate sometimes. You have to get used to it in order to use it with ease. Although it has a set-up guide, the set-up itself may be unstable especially if the device and the connection are not installed properly. The remote control has a keyboard, a supposedly good addition. However, the keyboard may be a little difficult to use so you need time to adjust.

The Verdict

It is a good device especially if you are tight on your budget. You can enjoy thousands of movies through wireless connections, Ethernet connections and from your USB storage device. It is definitely worth a try.

To read the reviews of 100+ users about the NeoTV Max : Click here

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NeoTV Pro > Review | Netgear NeoTV Pro NTV300S Streaming Player


NeoTV Pro

Product Description

NeoTV Pro allows every user to enjoy TV is a whole new level. You can now use your TV as a screen for your computer. You can surf the Internet and browse different sites with your television. This device allows people to turn any TV into a smart one. What’s not to enjoy if you can enjoy your favourite movies without waiting for the DVD releases? As long as they can be found on the internet, you can watch them on NeoTV Pro. You can stream any movie you want at different steaming sites such as Netflix, YouTube and Hulu.
What’s the different between the new NeoTV Pro and the older model NeoTV? The main difference is the wireless display. In the generation today, cables are thought as hassles because they create a messy look in a room. With devices that support wireless fidelity such as the Pro, you can now remove the cables and wires that will just consume space in your house. As long as your connection is good, you will not have a problem streaming a 1080p movie. You can connect to the internet in as fast as 300Mbps.
Once you have it all set up inside your house, you can now do anything you want. You can play music from your favourite sites. You can watch movies and videos from different web services. You can log into different social networking sites and give updates of what you have been doing. You can download apps and play games! The interface is based on Android therefore it is user-friendly and you will totally get used to it in an instant.

What’s Good About The NeoTV Pro

NeoTV Pro is good because it does not only support internet connection but also WiDi connections. You can enjoy streaming from different websites and you can also enjoy making your TV your main screen instead of the small screen of a laptop computer. You can navigate through the interface with ease with the remote control that comes with the device. If you do not want the remote control, you can just download the app from the apple or android market to convert your smartphone into a remote control. With this, you will not only have a faster navigation time but also an interactive one.
Another great thing about this device is the addition of new channels. Videos that you cannot watch on Netflix or Hulu can now be searched on other sites such as SpiritClips. You can now browse through different box office movies and hall of famers. You can even check real time which movies are in demand.

How To Make The Device More Fun

Have you ever dreamed of playing your favourite games on the big screen? You can now do it! You can now play your games with the screen of your television. You can play sports such as basketball and formula drift. It is good because you can enjoy and at the same time keep your body fit even if you are in front of the television.


The NeoTV Pro can be bought for $69.99. It is available in retail stores and online shops. The price is good considering all the things you can get from it. In addition, you will not have a difficult time finding the device because it can be seen in retail stores around the world. All you really have to do is to search the store by asking stores or visiting online pages.
Generally speaking, this device is a good try. The price is worth every feature it offers. Why not try it for yourself to know how beneficial it is in your entertainment life

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NeoTV Prime With Google TV

NeoTV Prime With Google TV

neotv prime with google tv

Streaming boxes have made life more fun. They enable people to watch great shows with ease. One of the most striving companies that offer this product is Netgear. This year, Netgear has once again levelled up the competition by releasing the NeoTV Prime with Google TV. Its main specification is the addition of Google TV which makes the product more attractive and useful.

What’s so good about Google TV? It allows people to access the Google Play store – an online site that has and still producing a lot of apps, videos and music in the market. It enables people to save much money on purchasing and watching videos via streaming sites. Another great thing about it is that it comes with a Chrome browser – fast and effective.

NeoTV Prime Will Let Your Watch TV for Real

Have you ever tried cutting the cable in your house? It’s not difficult to do but it is troublesome because you need to set-up your TV every time. This new product from Netgear removes this complication. It allows people to set up the device with ease because of the extra port provided. It also comes with the Slingplayer app. This app is useful if you want to watch live TV without any interruption.

NeoTV Prime Will Let You Have Control over Things

neotv_prime_qwertyThe remote control is not the typical one you see in the market. It has a touchpad which makes the process more fun, easy and interactive. You can set up the box with the touchpad. It is like you have a mouse that you can control easily. Of course, the traditional buttons will never go away. If you like the traditional way of doing things, you still can. The buttons are designed well so you can browse and navigate with ease. There are also shortcuts for your favourite streaming sites such as Amazon and Netflix. If you want to go away with the trouble of navigating, you can just search what you are looking for by typing with the QWERTY keyboard. However, the remote does not have a backlight. If you are in a dim and dark place, it might be rendered useless unless you find a source of light.

NeoTV Prime with Google TV – The Pros

One of the best things about this device is the DLNA support. It is faster therefore you can watch your favourite movies and shows without having slow loading times. In addition, it makes use of a Chrome browser, one of the fastest browsers you can ever use in this present time. If you have movies saved in your flash driver, you can watch them using this device. You can use it like a computer as it has hubs for keyboard and mouse. Lastly, you will definitely enjoy it if you are an Android user because the interface is based on Android.

NeoTV Prime with Google TV – The Cons

In every product, there are pros and cons. The not-so-good thing about this device is that it does not come with a complete package. If you are looking for HDMI and Ethernet cables, you will probably not see them in the box. You need to purchase them separately. There’s also no detailed instruction manual therefore you need to explore the device yourself. It’s cool that the remote control comes with a touchpad however you will need to familiarize yourself with it first before you can use it with ease.

NeoTV Prime with Google TV – The Verdict

It is a great device with great features but low price. It is worth trying if you love watching shows on streaming sites and downloading different types of apps.

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