Chromecast Streaming Tv – Google Chromecast

Chromecast Streaming Tv – Google Chromecast


If you love streaming videos online, you will surely appreciate the features offered by the latest Chromecast. As an introduction, the Google Chromecast is basically a streaming dongle that you can easily plug into the HDMI port of your TV. This device is readily available at the price of $35 which many consumers find affordable. By using the device, you can easily stream online videos from Netflix, YouTube, and Google Play as well as from your Chrome browser into your TV just like a remote control. It no longer requires any kind of separate app store or user interface in your TV anymore. It makes video streaming convenient since everything is controlled from your mobile device or PC.

Always remember that your phone will not stream videos directly to your Chromecast dongle, but simply giving instructions regarding the videos to be streamed from the cloud. The functionality of your phone is not affected in any way and you can turn it off the moment the streaming starts. The remote control function will only work on sites and apps that support Chromecast. Additionally, you also have the option to stream web content in a direct manner from the Chrome browser as long as the Chrome extension has been installed.

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Setting up your Chromecast


Once you have your Chromecast dongle, simply plug it into your TV and connect it to a power source and start up the app on your mobile device or computer. You have to enter the password of the Wi-Fi network in your home and you can start streaming videos you want to watch.

Netflix viewing

When it comes to Netflix viewing, Chromecast is a great device. You can easily keep track on the progress of the video on your mobile device while it is being played on the TV. You can even switch from one device to another, making it very convenient to use.


If you love to watch videos on YouTube, Chromecast will even make it easier. The streaming of videos worked well. The setup works a lot better if compared to YouTube’s TV app on other connected devices. There are certain aspects that would need improvement though. Primarily, the streaming of videos to Chromecast from your computer is allowed only if you are on the YouTube website. It will not work if the video you want to stream is embedded in any of the third-party websites. It simply means that if you are currently in another website, you are required to go to in order to watch the video on your TV.

Chromecast apps

Streaming through Chrome

Chromecast also offers the capability to stream a tab from the Chrome browser in your computer directly to your TV. This is quite similar when sharing a screen during a teleconference, simply showing that the browser can capture everything in a new video. This is considered heavy on the resources and can result to performance warnings during the streaming of videos.

What makes Chromecast effective?

During the initial launch of Chromecast, it is true that its success in the market is due to the use of the HDMI-CEC standard. By using Chromecast, it has the capability to automatically turn on TVs that are capable of supporting HDMI-CEC as well as even alter the HDMI input by switching from live TV to any video that you have chosen on your mobile device or PC. The HDMI-CEC can work well even in TVs that are low-end models and without any smart TV apps included. Depending on the brand of the TV you are using, you might have to configure certain features first. Do not forget that turning on the TV will not work if you will plug the Chromecast into the USB port of your TV. This is why it is recommended to utilize the extra power adapter included in the package of your device.

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