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Logitech Revue – A Notch Above Other Streaming Players

Logitech Revue with Google TV

Streaming players nowadays may come a dime a dozen. But if you are looking for a streaming player that is worth your every penny, try having Logitech Revue. There may be hundreds of reasons why Logitech Revue has been known to be at the top among other streaming players. Below are some points to help you narrow down the reasons.

Why Logitech Revue is a Notch Above the Rest

 Compact Design

Logitech Revue with Google TV has a unique design of semi square box with curved shaped on one end. This modern design makes it very attractive and goes well with everything on the entertainment room. It weighs 1.32 lbs. so it can be easily placed anywhere depending on your preference. It does not have any buttons in front and contains only two buttons at the back for Bluetooth pairing and power.

Loaded with Game-Changing Functionalities

A good streaming player may provide you with good choices of movies and TV shows to stream. But a great streaming player can provide you those options and a lot more! Along with Logitech Revue is a functional wireless keyboard. This keyboard is used to effectively use Google TV. Some people may chortle a timid “eow” as they heard the word “keyboard.” It may probably not go along with the rest of the things in the entertainment room as some people would initially thought. But wait till you carry the keyboard. You are in for a big surprise to learn that the keyboard is actually a little lighter and a little slimmer than the usual PC keyboards. It is also wireless so you can simply keep it away in a small drawer when not in use. Another option that Logitech Revue provides is the mini controller if you think that using keyboards is really not your cup of tea. The powerful interface makes your streaming experience more worthwhile.

Revolutionary Google TV Software

With Google TV, there is so much that you can do! It allows you to do things that you thought would not be possible from other streaming players. It provides more powerful options especially for those who are tech savvy. With Logitech Revue, you can be able to enjoy both worlds of movies and the internet. For instance, Google TV software allows you to minimize the movie box you are currently watching while you browse through Google Chrome also on your TV. You do not need to switch your seats or turn your head every so often while juggling your eyes from watching TV and browsing the internet. With this revolutionary Google TV software, you can actually do both while gluing your eyes only on your TV!

Google Search Bar – a Secret Weapon

Each streaming player may probably have a secret weapon to make them unique or creative. With Logitech Revue, Google Search Bar may be its secret weapon. No matter what you do, whether you are browsing the internet or watching a movie from Netflix, or watching a live sports game, you can click on the keyboard and the Google Search Bar will automatically appear at the top of the TV screen. This allows you to have easy access on the program that you are looking for.

With attractive design and significant functionalities, you can never go wrong in choosing Logitech Revue as your only choice of streaming player.

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