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NeoTV Max

Streaming boxes are one of the best things that have happened in the world of streaming. They enable users to watch movies and TV shows with a few clicks. With these devices, you can watch thousands of movies on your TV while it’s connected to the internet. One of the most recent releases is the NeoTV Max. What can you expect from it?

NeoTV Max is a product of Netgear, a leading company when it comes to wireless devices and routers. It has produced this product to help people watch movies without relying on cables. It is a lot cheaper and efficient. Here are some of the features that you need to expect and you can enjoy with this device.

One of the best features is the media playback using storage devices. Now, you can watch movies with your flash drives. If you have interesting ones you grabbed from your friends, it will be easier for you to connect your USB storage device with the box. There’s also a remote control which has efficient keyboard. This will make navigating and browsing a lot faster and efficient than traditional keys. You will also not have any compatibility issue because this device was designed to be used with any type of television. The quality will not waver even if you are watching via streaming sites. In fact, you can have a video of 1080p resolution. That’s a very good one especially if you want to have a theatre-like experience. Set up is not difficult. The on-screen setup guide will help you follow the steps easily. As for the internet connection, you can choose between the Ethernet port and the wireless capability of the device. You can directly connect your TV using the internet port but if you do not like cables, you can just enjoy the wireless option.


The price is very competitive. It is relatively cheaper and you can get more for just a little over 40 bucks. There are a lot of added features that you cannot get from the previous models or other brands. It now enables you to watch with your USB storage device which makes things a lot easier and convenient. With the same price, you can also get good warranty agreement.

What’s Great About NeoTV Max

It is cheap and efficient. It is a great choice if you do not want to spend so much on a streaming media box. It is a great alternative to the more expensive ones available in the market. It has added and improved features that you will not see in others. The device has a user set-up guide which allows you to install and use it in an instant. It comes with a Slingplayer app that enables you to connect your Slingbox.

What’s Not-so-great About NeoTV Max

There are things that you may not actually like at once when it comes to this device. The user interface is not as good and usable. It might be difficult to navigate sometimes. You have to get used to it in order to use it with ease. Although it has a set-up guide, the set-up itself may be unstable especially if the device and the connection are not installed properly. The remote control has a keyboard, a supposedly good addition. However, the keyboard may be a little difficult to use so you need time to adjust.

The Verdict

It is a good device especially if you are tight on your budget. You can enjoy thousands of movies through wireless connections, Ethernet connections and from your USB storage device. It is definitely worth a try.

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