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NeoTV Pro

Product Description

NeoTV Pro allows every user to enjoy TV is a whole new level. You can now use your TV as a screen for your computer. You can surf the Internet and browse different sites with your television. This device allows people to turn any TV into a smart one. What’s not to enjoy if you can enjoy your favourite movies without waiting for the DVD releases? As long as they can be found on the internet, you can watch them on NeoTV Pro. You can stream any movie you want at different steaming sites such as Netflix, YouTube and Hulu.
What’s the different between the new NeoTV Pro and the older model NeoTV? The main difference is the wireless display. In the generation today, cables are thought as hassles because they create a messy look in a room. With devices that support wireless fidelity such as the Pro, you can now remove the cables and wires that will just consume space in your house. As long as your connection is good, you will not have a problem streaming a 1080p movie. You can connect to the internet in as fast as 300Mbps.
Once you have it all set up inside your house, you can now do anything you want. You can play music from your favourite sites. You can watch movies and videos from different web services. You can log into different social networking sites and give updates of what you have been doing. You can download apps and play games! The interface is based on Android therefore it is user-friendly and you will totally get used to it in an instant.

What’s Good About The NeoTV Pro

NeoTV Pro is good because it does not only support internet connection but also WiDi connections. You can enjoy streaming from different websites and you can also enjoy making your TV your main screen instead of the small screen of a laptop computer. You can navigate through the interface with ease with the remote control that comes with the device. If you do not want the remote control, you can just download the app from the apple or android market to convert your smartphone into a remote control. With this, you will not only have a faster navigation time but also an interactive one.
Another great thing about this device is the addition of new channels. Videos that you cannot watch on Netflix or Hulu can now be searched on other sites such as SpiritClips. You can now browse through different box office movies and hall of famers. You can even check real time which movies are in demand.

How To Make The Device More Fun

Have you ever dreamed of playing your favourite games on the big screen? You can now do it! You can now play your games with the screen of your television. You can play sports such as basketball and formula drift. It is good because you can enjoy and at the same time keep your body fit even if you are in front of the television.


The NeoTV Pro can be bought for $69.99. It is available in retail stores and online shops. The price is good considering all the things you can get from it. In addition, you will not have a difficult time finding the device because it can be seen in retail stores around the world. All you really have to do is to search the store by asking stores or visiting online pages.
Generally speaking, this device is a good try. The price is worth every feature it offers. Why not try it for yourself to know how beneficial it is in your entertainment life

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