NeoTV Streaming Player

NeoTV Streaming Player for Your Ultimate Streaming Experience

NeoTV Streaming Player

It must be really exciting to stream hundreds of movies, TV shows and the internet on your boob tube! What makes it more exciting is that if you have a gadget that will definitely help give you an entire whole new level of viewing and streaming experience. That is where NeoTV Streaming Player steps in. It clearly defines the meaning of what true streaming should be. It is streaming movies and beyond!

Important Features of NeoTV

Ultimate Movie Watching Experience

As soon as a movie is already available in DVD, 99% of chances are that it is also available on NeoTV. With Netflix to back it up, there are thousands of movie titles to choose from. Choosing a movie to watch will never be a problem. Vudu also provides plenty of movies so you do not need to wait in the line to get a copy of your favorite film. What is even better is that it allows you to watch the movie for some few minutes for free. From there, you would already get the feel if the movie is worth watching or not.

From Regular Boob Tube to Smart TV

Getting bored from limited choices of TV programs? That would no longer be a problem with NeoTV. NeoTV comes with a remote control app so it will be easier for you to search and play for your favorite movies. It also allows you to share what you are watching or your favorite channels on different social media platforms like Facebook. Imagine a boring TV can definitely be transformed into Smart TV? With NeoTV streaming player, you can have your TV internet enabled.

Watch Videos Effortlessly

NeoTV streaming player provides another great option – YouTube Leanback. It is a whole new exciting way to watch YouTube videos in full screen directly from your TV!

Internet Radio on Your TV

Your PC may contain a bunch of folders from your music library. More often than not, you may find yourself wasting minutes just browsing or looking at that particular song you thought you have but could not find. NeoTV streaming player makes music streaming much more exciting in a snap!You can actually create your very own personalized radio stations through Pandora. With that, you do not need to waste a single second anymore trying to play that favorite song of yours.

Hulu Plus for FREE

When it comes to TV shows watching experience, nothing does it better than Hulu Plus. From the most current hit TV shows to classic TV series, Hulu Plus completes your day with complete seasons of your favorite TV series. Be it reality TV, or that mystery series that keeps you up all night, NeoTV marks the edge of unlimited Hulu Plus streaming. What’s more, you can get it for free.

With all the great surprises from Neo TV in store for you, it can definitely give you that ultimate streaming experience that you deserve. With Neo TV, you will be having more reasons to come home.

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