Netflix Ready Devices

Netflix Ready Devices – Devices that you can consider buying.

Netflix ready devices

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming channels in the world today. It is easy to access and it does not require so much money for subscription. With just a little over $9, you can enjoy thousands of movies and TV series on your TV. If you are interested in Netflix, here are some Netflix-ready devices that you can consider buying.

Media Boxes

Roku Player

The Roku media box promises a lot when it comes to video streaming on your TV. It is the pioneer when it comes to Netflix streaming. This device is small yet very useful. You can purchase it from fifty to a hundred bucks only. One of the key features of the Roku device is its simplicity. It is very simple in so many ways including its design, its interface, its setup and its functionality. Anyone, even those without so much technical experience, will be able to use this device. It only needs to be setup and connected to the TV. After that, you can connect it to the internet via Ethernet or Wi-Fi to be able to start using Netflix. Aside from Netflix, you can enjoy hundreds of other channels such as Hulu, Vimeo, Amazon Instant and sporting channels.

Google TV

The Google TV media box is also a promising device because it runs on android. The android market is constantly expanding which brings more potential services to the users. Another good thing about the Google TV is the fact that it has a very complex and versatile remote. Its remote is a keyboard-type remote that allows you to explore different functions and features. You can also connect your devices such as your DVD player and control it with the same remote control system.

Game Consoles

Microsoft Xbox

If you are more interested in Netflix-ready game consoles, one great buy is the Microsoft Xbox 360. This game console has been offering Netflix service since the year 2008. One important thing to note is that you will need your own storage system before you can use Netflix on this device. All you need to do is to purchase a hard drive or a memory card for storage. It does not have Wi-Fi adapters but you can always plug an Ethernet cord to connect to the internet.


PlayStation 3 was once an inconvenient device for Netflix streaming because it initially required the use of a disc to run the program. Because of this inconvenience, Sony has developed the game console more and decided to add Netflix as an option so users will no longer have to use a disc every time. This improvement also made the quality of the videos better. One great advantage of the PlayStation 3 is its menu and interface. The menu option is much easier to navigate than other game consoles that offer Netflix.

Blu-ray Players 

Sony BDP-N460

One of the great advantages of any Sony device is its design. The Sony BDP-N460 has a sleek design that is perfect for any home theater. The image and video qualities are also good on both Blu-ray movies and Netflix videos. Aside from Netflix, it also offers other channels such as Amazon Video On-Demand, NPR and YouTube. Its price is very reasonable especially for its good audio output. However, it does not have a built-in Wi-Fi so you have to connect to the internet with an Ethernet cord.

LG BD690 3D

The LG BD690 also offers great video quality to its users. It has a built-in Wi-Fi which is very helpful for people who do not like using cords and cables. It can stream Netflix videos very well as well as other videos from YouTube and Cinema Now. It also has a USB port that allows users to connect an external drive to open photos, music and videos. It also has a good audio system. However, this device is quite expensive as it costs almost as much as a PlayStation 3.


Sony Bravia

The Sony Bravia 40W5100 is one of the most splendid HD TVs in the market today. It has a built-in Wi-Fi system that enables the users to stream Netflix videos easily. The internet options are also very good as well as the video quality. However, the sound may not be as crisp as users may expect it to be. Nevertheless, it is still a great buy because of the great Internet options, good video quality and large screen.

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