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If you think that all streaming players available in the market today are all the same, wait till you try the new Roku 2 XS. You will be having the greatest surprise of your life as soon as you get your hands with this latest from Roku. For a decade now, Roku has established itself as the original maker of streaming players. Since then, we welcome Roku in our homes with open arms, eager to see the variety of entertainment choices that it offers from time to time. Now with Roku 2 XS, Roku is now up for yet another treat for people from all walks of life.

Roku 2 XS became available in the market since July 2011. After only a year, we have received nothing but incredible praises to this one-of-a-kind streaming player. It is considered to be a total package. It is a tiny black box that is already complete with thousands of movie titles from different genres, thousands of TV channels to choose from, endless music streaming, provides a whole new experience in video gaming, and a whole lot more!

Features of Roku 2 XS

Roku on your Hand

Roku 2 XS is probably the most complete streaming player that Roku has ever produced. It is basically everything that other Roku streaming players have plus so much more!

  • More Streaming Choices. You will definitely be overwhelmed by the great choices that Roku 2 XS has to offer:
  • Thousands of movie titles available from:
    1. Amazon Instant Video
    2. Hulu Plus
    3. HBO Go
    4. Netflix
  • Endless music streaming from:
    1. Pandora
    2. Live 365
    3. MOG
    4. Radio
  • Sports Channel
    1. NBA League Pass
    2. NHL Game Center
    3. UFC
  • News And Weather Sources
    1. CNN
    2. Fox News
    3. NBC
  • Other available channels
    1. Lifestyle network
    2. Tech news
    3. Cartoons
    4. International Channels
    5. Clips
  • Enhanced Remote Control. The other Roku streaming players have infrared remote control. Only Roku 2 XS has Bluetooth Remote Control for more enhanced gaming experience. It has motion sensing for a better gaming experience. Aside from that, Roku 2 XS also has a streaming infrared remote control that is compatible with any universal RC’s.
  • Video Games Free in Full Edition. You no longer need a PC to enjoy playing the very famous Angry Bird computer game. With Roku 2 XS, you can already play it to your heart’s content. The streaming player also has a built-in Micro SD slot. This allows you to add more motion-based game plays anytime you want. If you need a break from watching too many movies one after the other, you can definitely enjoy other popular casual games right from your TV set including:
    1. Galaga
    2. Pacman Championship Edition
    3. Storm in a Teacup
  • USB and Ethernet Port. With that, we simply can expect a powerful streaming device that can offer up to 1080p high definition videos.

Roku 2 XS has definitely placed the streaming experience in an entirely whole new level! After trying out Roku 2 XS, you will never try other streaming players ever again.

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