Roku 2 vs Google TV

Review of: Roku 2 Xs VS Google TV

Roku 2 XS vs Google TV

With very compact devices, you can now explore a lot of things with your TV. You can watch your favorite movies and TV series as well as your favorite sports teams anytime you want. Roku 2 XS and Google TV are both great devices to make all your streaming dreams come true.

What To Expect From The Two Devices

Roku 2 XS and Google TV are both great in their own different ways. They have several features that will attract a lot of people. Here are the things you need to expect from the two devices.


You can get the Roku devices from $59.99 to $99.99 whereas the Google TV can be bought from $99.99 to $249.99. For this comparison review, we will be looking at both devices priced at $99.99.


The Roku device is very compact. It is pocket-sized and you can actually bring it anywhere you want. The Google TV device is not as compact as the Roku 2 XS but it is not that big either. It is still very portable and can be carried around anywhere.


The Roku device has a very simple remote. Its remote is very similar to that of the television. It is straightforward and the functions are simple. As for the Google TV, the remote is more complex as it is a keyboard remote. There are more buttons and features such as the built-in Logitech harmony that allows you to control your DVD player and DVR receiver. Roku’s remote is very user-friendly while the Google TV’s remote is more versatile.

Set Up

Setting up for both devices is very easy. For both devices, all you need to do is to connect the device to the monitor or television. Plug it into a power outlet and connect to the Internet. You can connect to the internet using Ethernet or wireless connectivity. The Roku 2 XS can be connected wirelessly through 802.11 bgn whereas Google TV can be connected through 802.11 bgn. The only difference is that Google TV can be connected through wireless a.

Watching Videos From Flash Drive /External Hard Drive

Both devices will allow you to connect your flash drive or external hard drive through a USB port. You can easily browse photos or play videos. Roku recognizes H.264 video file formats – mkv, mp4, mov, wmv, wmv9 and vc1. It can open aac and mp3 music files as well as jpeg and png files. Meanwhile, the Google TV recognizes H.264 video formats – flv, ts, mts2, avi, DivX, mpeg4 and mp4. It can also open mp3, ogg, jpeg, png, gif and bitmap file formats. When it comes to opening files from external devices, the Google TV has an advantage because it recognizes a lot more file formats than the Roku device.

Streaming Videos

Both devices are neither too speedy nor too slow. You can stream videos conveniently without having to experience frustrations a lot of times. Both devices have Netflix and allow you to watch variety of videos and channels. Roku has been here much longer than the Google TV therefore it has more channel store options that you can choose from. You can even play the angry birds with the motion-control remote. This means that you can control the birds and swing them using the remote control just like in a wii game. However, if you have a lot of channels on your Roku 2 XS, navigating through them can be a little troublesome. Google TV, on the other hand, also offers different channels but the channels are fewer compared with the Roku device. However, Google TV as a promised android upgrade that will allow you to access the android market through the device. If this happens, the device will have a bigger potential. You can also browse the internet with your Google TV through the Google Chrome. You can have 99% of the internet except for network videos like CNN and BBC that have copyright issues. You can, however, visit streaming sites such as YouTube. The variety of contents that you can have from both devices is wide. You can access channels and networks such as Facebook video, Vimeo, Kdrama, Amazon video, YouTube, Netflix and other streaming channels.

Take On Both Devices

Both devices are great to have. They are not too pricey but they offer a lot in terms of streaming and watching videos. Either of them is a good choice. If you have to choose only one, here are some points that are important to consider. Roku 2 XS has a microSD slot and the memory can be upgraded. It is very straightforward and simple. If you are okay with its simplicity and its limits, this is a great device to have. Google TV is more complex. One of the great key points is the keyboard-remote that allows you to navigate a lot of things. The setup and the menu are a little bit on the confusing side though. Google TV also offers more options including internet browsing and live TV shows if you have a cable provider compatible to the device.

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