Roku 3 vs NeoTV PRIME with Neo TV Prime with Google TV

Roku 3 vs NeoTV Prime


Roku 3 with Headphones neotv prime with google tv


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Today’s modern lifestyle offers a lot of gadgets ranging from computers, to phones, to tablets and more. But despite the numerous options that we have, we always end up going back to the old big box called television. And because of this, streaming boxes are now becoming more popular.

One of the must-have components in a modern home nowadays is a streaming box. With the help of this device, you will be able to do a lot of things with your TV including watch internet TV. There are a lot of reasons why you should stream out but what do you think makes a good stream box? Out of all the products in the market, what do you think is the best? Let’s compare and decide.

Roku 3

The Roku 3: With its compact and slick design, the Roku 3 boasts a more improved interface for searching. With up to 1080p HD video, it also offers a wide range of channels to choose from, a USB media that will allow you to playback your own files, photos and media from other mobile devices.

It’s amazing remote with abuilt-in headphone jack allows you to crank up a late night flick without worrying if you will bother anyone or not. There is a guaranteed increase in speed because of its dual-band wireless performance and extended range. It’s one stop search, helping you find your favorite TV shows, movies and music all in one place (from services like Amazon Instant Video, Netflix or Hulu Plus). It also comes with free Android device app and iOS, so all you need to do is connect your phone or tablet and start streaming.

However, this device does not support YouTube Google Play, and there is still a limitation to its gaming selections. There is also a downside since it cannot stream videos from mobile yet. With its enhanced interface, private listening and enormous content and channel selection, the Roku 3 is considered as one of the most compelling media streaming device offered in the market today.

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NeoTV Prime

The NeoTV Prime with Google TV: This new offering from NETGEAR is a NeoTV streaming box that is Google Play compatible. This latest product is the same as the earlier product that was launched before it but even better. That’s because it already has the ability to run Google Play apps.

By using this device, you can access a wide selection of entertainment including TV shows, music, movies and more from streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Instant Video, Flixter, Crackle, Pandora, Rhapsody and more.

Aside from that, the new NeoTV Prime allows playback of local media connected from storage devices like USB, external hard drives and other home media servers. It also comes with the full feature of Flash, Google Chrome browser and HTML5, so it’s easier and faster for you to access the web. It also has a search function enabling the user to simultaneously search for numerous sources for digital content, and since it comes with a picture-in-picture feature, it’s easy to surf the web while at the same time, watch TV live.

You will find a lot of streaming boxes available in the market today however, these two products standout among the rest. Take this opportunity so that you can explore the full capabilities that technology has to offer with this newest and most exhilarating gadget. So what are you waiting for? Choose the best streaming box for you so that you can transform any TV into a smart TV. It’s about time for you to cut off your cable TV cost with no plans of going back.

To read the 30+ user reviews of the NeoTV Prime : Click Here

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