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Roku 3 vs. Neo TV Max


Roku 3 with Headphones  NeoTV Max


With the numerous downloadable video and streaming options available through the Internet nowadays, more and more people are no longer contented with just regular iPod or computer screens. It seems like nothing can compare to a big and wide HD screen mounted on your wall.

In order to meet the demands of the market, a lot of manufacturers have been producing these types of devices. Google just recently joined the game, with a very good publicity on top of that. Other companies like Apple, Neo and Roku however have been producing HD TVs for years now.

Currently, two of the top choices for consumers would be the Roku 3 and the Neo TV Max. Let’s take a closer look at these products in order to determine which one is the best fit for you.

The Roku 3

Roku 3 with Headphones

The Roku3 is the newest addition to their set top box line. It offers 1080p streaming and an access to more than 750 channels. It already comes with a headphone jack that is already built-in the remote giving you the opportunity to listen to music or watch videos privately.

This new device comes with an excellent interface and a very fast processor hence who ever uses it feels that it’s more responsive and quicker compared to other streaming boxes in the market. The 750 channels that it supports include Amazon Instant, Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Go, MLB.TV, Pandora, Vudu and Amazon Cloud Player. Its cross-platform search gives you the opportunity to scour for several other channels offered by major TVs.

Perhaps the only downside of this device is the fact that it does not comes with its own YouTube channel. If you compared it to other streaming boxes, some services offered by Roku have outdated interface. If you are planning on streaming your own collection of digital media, the Roku 3 is not really a very good option.

Regardless the obvious disadvantage or two, it is still considered as the best streaming box as of writing. It boasts a lightning-fast performance, tons of content sources, and an innovative remote with of course, its built-in headphone jack.

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 NeoTV Max

After the market experienced the solid function, distinction and value of the previous generation of NETGEAR NeoTV NTV200, consumers are genuinely excited to see what the NeoTV Max NTV300SL can offer.

This new NeoTV is perfect for streaming TV shows, thousands of songs or movies from channels like Vudu, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Pandora, Best Buy Cinema Now, Rhapsody and many more. It features a 1080p HD and boasts a 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound.

With the help of its QWERTY keyboard remote control, you can play your own personal media from other external sources like USB, external hard drives and DLNA media servers. It also supports WiDi technology, allowing you to stream pictures, music and video from another WiDi capable device well, wirelessly.

The disadvantage of this product compare to other streaming boxes is that it is a little cumbersome when you are inputting movie names. It does not take minutes though, just a few seconds. Also, it has limited number of free subscriptions or apps. If you compare it to the Roku 3, the Roku definitely offers way more subscription contracts.

The NeoTV Max definitely has a lot of competition to face but due to its new Slingplayer app, it is slightly on the edge. In most cases, it is even more affordable compared to the devices offered by competing companies.

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In the End

So how do you choose between the roku 3 vs NeoTV? Now that you can see the different areas of each product, it is now completely up to you. In the end, the device that is right for you will always depend on which category you put the most weight on.

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