Top Streaming Players

The Top Streaming Media Players in The Market

If you are a movie addict, a channel surfer, or simply a couch potato, you will find that investing in a streaming player is worth your every penny. With the help of streaming players, you can simply watch thousands of great movies, the biggest TV shows, and so much more! Nowadays, streaming players do more than just providing you hundreds of blockbuster movies and award-winning TV shows. To give you a heads up on what to expect, here are some of the best streaming players in the market today:

Roku LT

Roku LT is considered to be a streaming player having the lowest price in the market. You can get almost anything that you need for in Roku LT. For only about $50, you can already get more than 500 entertainment channels with hundreds of great movies that you can view for free. It works perfectly well with any television sets as it plays HD videos.  Read reviews here 


Roku HD

Roku HD

Roku HD is basically like Roku LT, only better. Popularly known as the “little black box,” Roku HD gives you video and TV viewing entertainment pleasure on another level. Like Roku LT, it provides 500+ entertainment channels including Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Instant Video, and so much more! Read reviews here

Roku 2 XD

If you are tired of switching channels from your cable TV with nothing much to see, having Roku 2 XD is a better alternative. It is easy to set up and allows you to view only the videos and shows that are worth your time watching. It does not only provide hundreds of options for movies and TV shows but it also HD videos at 720p! With Roku 2 XD, you can now say goodbye to the expensive bills you get from your cable guy every month. Read reviews here


Roku 2 XS

For about $100, this streaming player has the best to offer in the world of movie streaming and video gaming.  If you ever get tired of watching from one movie to another, you have the option to play the full edition of Angry Birds. Most families recommend this streaming player as it offers greater family-friendly options to benefit the entire family. Read review here

Apple TV

Apple 2nd generation

New Apple TV


If you already invested in other Apple products, this streaming player is a good choice. It does not only offer hundreds of wonderful options when it comes to movies and TV shows. Better, it has sleek design that makes it a great complement to any entertainment room. Interestingly, its power supply is built-in so you can already say goodbye to power adapters that are bulky and can only rob you of necessary spaces. Read review here


Boxee is an easy-to-use streaming player that offers thousands of TV shows and movies available in the internet. Another thing that makes this streaming player special is that it helps create more personal stuff. If you have hundreds of files of MPs, photos and videos on your computer, Boxee is able to turn them into a memorable media library. Read review here

Sony SMP – N200

Sony SMF-N200 Media Player

Sony SMF-N200 Media Player


With this streaming player, your TV will always be as exciting as it should be. It also provides wireless access to several apps like Hulu Plus, Netflix, Pandora and YouTube. With these great options, you will always be connected to the best choices of entertainment. Read review here

Neo TV

Neo Tv

With Neo TV, you will be having smart TV as your television set can now be enabled to the Internet so you can enjoy watching all your favorite movies in any genre from sunrise to sunset! It also offers 1080p high definition streaming experience. Read review here

Western Digital TV

Western Digital TV

This streaming player offers top-of-the-line quality of videos in HD 1080p. WDTV boasts in providing maximum entertainment from the latest movies, to hit TV shows, to trending videos, and so much more! Read review here

Logitech Revue with Google TV

Logitech Revue with Google TV

Your HD TV will never be the same again with Logitech Revue. With this streaming player, you can get to watch hundreds of HD movies, surf the web, make video calls and even download all the apps you want with Android 3.1. Read review here

True enough, streaming players may be considered to be one of the greatest inventions that the modern technology ever has.

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