How To Use Your Iphone Or Ipad As A Streaming Device To Your Tv

Have an Iphone or Ipad? Use Your Iphone Or Ipad As A Streaming Device To Your Tv

Streaming Device to your tv

When the time comes once smart TVs can provide better features and set-top boxes are capable of handling problems, the best way to get your media on your TV is by directly connecting it to your phone or tablet. If you have an iPhone or iPad, both can be used as streaming devices to your TV.

Av composite video to tv-rca cable usb for Apple Ipad & iphone

Just bear in mind that it is not suitable for all cases, but if you want to enjoy online video streaming or simply watch photos or home videos in your TV, there are several options that you can use. These options usually depend on how new or old your device is, video quality you are after and how much you are willing to spend. Before you will buy cables or connections such as the composite video to TV RCA AV cable or the 1080p 30 Pin Dock Male to HDMI Male Adapter Cable that are compatible with either your iPhone or iPad, it is important to know what your available options are.

If you will use a digital A/V adapter, it is considered as an affordable and portable solution. With the Digital A/V Adapter by Apple, it will allow you to stream media straight to your TV for better viewing. Just take note that one end is simply plugged into your Apple device while the other end is connected to the HDMI cable and into your TV. It will make viewing of streamed videos and movies a lot better since you can enjoy the large screen of your TV.

There are two available versions of the A/V adapter – one version is ideal for Lightning devices and one version is for the older devices utilizing the 30-pin dock connector. Both versions are essentially the same, but there are slight differences when it comes to the video quality. Once plugged in, the Lightning adapter which is compatible for iPad Mini, iPhone 5 and iPad (4th gen) will mirror or sync everything present on the screen of the device. In most cases, it will provide an exact reflection, but you will notice that one of the apps might be tweaked in order to work differently with the mirroring. A good example is Netflix which showcases a logo on your TV while you are browsing their catalog on your Apple device. Once a TV show or movie is selected, it will be synced or mirrored on your TV.

Just bear in mind though that in one testing conducted, it was discovered that the Lightning A/V adapter does not authentically output a fresh HDMI signal. As a substitute, the chips within the adapter compress the video signal before it is sent to your TV. Even though videos will look good, it is not truly 1080p. For the older Apple devices, it is best to use the 1080p 30-Pin Dock Male to HDMI Male Adapter Cable for iPhone, iPad and iTouch. Even though users of iPhone 4S and iPad can mirror or sync their screen similarly to the Lightning adapter, users of older Apple devices can only utilize the adapter to watch onboard videos, slideshows and compatible video apps. It is still useful but does not allow provide you with a video-out feature.

Another way to stream media from your Apple devices to your TV is through composite cables such as the Composite Video to TV RCA AV Cable USB Charger compatible for iPhone and iPad. With this cable, it will not provide you with the mirroring feature but will simply route video-enabled photos, music and apps to older TV models. Take note that it is readily compatible with almost any device that utilizes the old dock connector. The only drawback is that you will not be provided with high definition resolution that maxes out at 480i.

If you are using an iPhone or iPad, you can use both as streaming devices on your TV. With the available options provided, you can enjoy by streaming videos or simply watching photos on the big screen.

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