Western Digital TV- WDTV

Western Digital TV – WDTV – Making Your Streaming Experience Better

Western Digital TV WDTV

If you want to see a movie, you usually rent a DVD. If you want to watch your favorite series, you watch on TV. If you want to browse music, you open your PC and search through the internet. But what if there is a gadget that is exclusively made to give you all the splendor of streaming videos, TV shows, and even music, photos and the internet? Surely, that would make your life more than a little better! The gadget is none other than Western Digital TV. There may be a lot of streaming players out in the market today but Western Digital TV or WDTV turns out to still be a notch above the rest. The features it has speak volumes!

Features of Western Digital TV

Ultra-Compact Design

Sleek and modern – those were two words that describe the design of Western Digital TV WDTV. This compact streaming player can be perfectly fitted to any room. Be it in the living room, or in your bedroom, WDTV adds prestige to your entertainment showcase. It can even make your not-so-modern TV a charm to see!

Latest Wireless Technology

Western Digital TV already has a streaming-ready Wi-Fi for a smooth and seamless streaming and watching experience. It also has extended range wireless N so you can even enjoy the benefits of streaming high definition movies. This is also equally helpful in connecting to the internet. With the latest wireless technology, Western Digital Technology helps you be in control with all the great things available in the internet right at your fingertip.

Personal Media

If you think that a streaming player is only about streaming movies and TV shows, then you could never be more wrong. Western Digital is also an integral gadget that you can use as you stream music and photos from your PC library or through the internet. Imagine playing your media collection in front of a high definition TV! In a way, it really brings “wow” to wonderful!

Internet Browsing

Internet browsing has never been this fun and exciting. Western Digital TV aims to help you stream movies from different genres, catch up on what you have missed from your favorite TV series, allows you to witness the highlights of your favorite sports game, and even stay connected to your friends in different platforms of social networks!

HDMI Connections

We cannot stress enough the importance of this feature. With HDMI connections, the best streaming experience can still be possible. With this feature, Western Digital TV makes it compatible to most TV sets.

SPDIF Digital Output

This feature is integral to create surround sound coming from your boob tube. So even if you haven’t replaced your old TV set, no worries! As long as it still brings out high quality sound, your streaming experience is still above the rest.

There are great features of Western Digital TV WDTV that no other streaming players in the market today can even match. So in terms of adding more meaning to your streaming, Western Digital TV will never fail you.

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